How it Works

Before you activate Moodbot in a Slack team channel:

Please make sure that you write a short Moodbot introduction message to your co-workers, e.g., in the #general channel. Then they know what is going to happen and are not surprised when suddenly a bot is talking to them :) 

Feel free to use this example:
Hi, I discovered Moodbot: It's a Slack app that helps teams to make the invisible visible so that we can increase what makes us happy at work and stop nonsense early. I'm going to add it to our Slack workplace, and some of you will get a short Moodbot onboarding message. Let's give it a try. We can use it the next ten weeks for free to decide if it is valuable for us. Visit if you want to know more. Cheers

After you activated Moodbot in a Slack channel:

How It Works