Can I use Moodbot in a private Slack channel?

Unfortunately no, but you can use Moodbot in unlimited public Slack channels as long as you have five active channel members.

Which Slack data is Moodbot collecting?

We save the minimum amount of information from Slack to run Mootbot for you, and that is:

  • Slack team name and ID: So Moodbot knows who is the overall "owner" of the Slack team channels where Moodbot is activated.
  • Timezone: To make sure you get the survey questions at working hours and not in the middle of the night.
  • Slack team channel IDs (not channel names): As you can activate Moodbot in multiple public Slack channels we need this information to assign the subset results based on the members of each channel.
  • User IDs (not usernames and not emails): To make sure that everybody has the chance to participate in the Moodbot surveys via direct messages and to support that everyone is permitted to submit only one general vote and feedback each week.
  • User activity or inactivity state: To calculate the weekly Moodbot participation trend chart right.
  • Your weekly survey feedback: To generate your weekly team mood trend chart and the ranked team survey feedbacks. We encrypt all your written input in our database.

What about the other data we share in the same Slack channels?

We don't collect any other information you share in your Slack team channels.

Why is my weekly feedback anonymized?

We believe the message; the feedback itself is much more important than who said it. And, some employees are more active, more mindful or even more courageous than other co-workers. Always showing their names would distract from the valuable feedback they gave.

So, nobody will know who wrote what feedback?

You tell it to Moodbot, and he shares it with your co-workers. We encrypt all your written input in our database to protect your data as much as we can. And we don't have any commercial interest in your specific Moodbot feedback content. However, a Slack workspace owner can download a ZIP file with all your workspace data. Depending on the export type, the data can also include all your direct messages (http://bit.ly/SlackExportInfo). That can be your direct messages to your colleagues as well as information you share with Slack apps like Moodbot. By the way: Companies usually have the same access to your work emails too. So, if you are in a work environment where you have trust that your managers are not wasting their time reading private employee emails or Slack direct messages, then all should be fine.

Why I can't remove Moodbot from a Slack channel?

You are probably a guest in this Slack Workspace, and therefore you have limited rights. Please ask your Slack workspace owner to do that for you.